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 The top choices for patio sets for my Italian villa.

When I win the lottery – which I inevitably will – I will move to the Italian coast and own a villa. This villa is going to be on a cliff top and will have a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea from my patio. But the question then becomes, what sort of patio furniture do I want so I can soak up these amazing views in style and comfort? To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what to really look for in outdoor furniture, but I have scoured the Internet to find some interesting looking patio sets that fit with what I think would be perfect.

1. This first is a nice, simple ensemble that works well outdoors. It has two wicker patio chairs and a patio table so that you could sit and enjoy the coastal views in harmony with the world. It also has cushions so that it is comfortable to sit and enjoy the view for that much longer. This wooden patio furniture also offers the ability for easy storage. The chairs both fit under the table and none of them look to be that heavy so it should be able to be easily moved and stored wherever you want. One complaint though is that it does look light and that could mean that if it gets windy on my cliff top deck, the table may become unstable. I guess it’s a chance I’ll have to take when I get there.


This choice is a great looking wicker chair that includes a cushion and pillows. Along with that, there is a footrest for when you want to stretch out (and who wouldn’t want to stretch out on the Italian coast?) A couple of these for my guests and me and everyone would be set. There is even a place on the right side of this chair where you could place your drink or a small plate for snacks or to rest your book should you want to take a lingering look at that sunset. The only real setback to a piece like this is that there is no real table for larger objects, and you have to have a lot of space to accommodate a few of these. But those quibbles will be taken into more account once I have my lottery winnings.


The third patio furniture set that I have picked is this very modern looking set. This outdoor patio set would be a great contrast to the old-style villa that will be my Italian home. Not only does this set come with two patio tables, it includes patio chairs and even a sweet looking couch. This would be perfect for making company comfortable as we sit and stare at the ocean; watching the world go by while sipping our regional wine and eating Parma ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. Plus, the couch would be a great place to nap in the late afternoon sun. The drawback to this set, as you may have noticed, is the lack of patio chair cushions. Though, I could probably shell out a little more dough and get some if I really wanted to.

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4. The next outdoor furniture set that I think would fit in well on the Italian coast would be this one. It is very simple and includes four chairs with cushions and a table. This type of outdoor wicker furniture is so great because it is very easy to get comfortable and the chairs will hug you and contour to your body extremely well. The table also looks like it has a hole in the middle for the addition of a patio umbrella at some point, which may or may not be needed because I haven’t decided whether my villa’s patio will be covered or not. But that decision can wait for a little while longer. Also great about these chairs is that they look to be truly all weather, meaning that the rain won’t make them look horrible after only a couple of rainstorms. And because they are a very neutral beige color, they won’t fade in the sunlight and will go well with many other décor choices. All in all a very nice patio set that is just missing one vital piece that this last set has in spades.

5. Firstly, with this last set, just look at how comfortable those cushions look. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit in those and be encapsulated by the Italian coast? No one, that’s who! This all-weather outdoor furniture set is my choice as the perfect addition for my villa because of the looks, convenience and comfort. As for the looks, these are great because they match Italian coastal styling extremely well. The dark colors with the lighter patio furniture cushions are a great contrast to the light colored Italian villa that I will have and will set off the patio quite well. The convenience factor is also high because this set includes both a glass-topped patio table and a smaller, glass-topped side table. There are many options for how you would go about setting this sort of patio dining furniture up and, depending on how my villa’s patio will be set up, I would want the couch facing the ocean with the chairs exactly as they are actually. Hmm, yeah, I like the way that this is set up as well. As for the comfort, again, just look at those cushions! You could maybe even curl up on the couch with a good book or Nintendo DS while the seating can accommodate four people relatively comfortably. And when it comes time to put the food out for snacks, the table provides ample room to do so.

    Patio Sets are available to match any outdoor setting, as odd as it may be.  




    The particular patio set is one of my favorites. It's comfy enough for two people to do whatever they want comfortably.



   This is a very luxurious patio set; something Axl Rose might enjoy at his mansion in Malibu, CA. 



 Very Comtemporary Patio Sets. This is one of the more unique sets you'll find, unless you're at Prince's house.




 Ourdoor patio furniture doesn't necessarily have to on the patio. Grass suits your patio set just fine as long as you keep everything clean.