Patio Chairs - Plastic Lounge & Folding Chairs

For those of us who bear months of long, cold and dark winters, when summer finally arrives, we want to spend as much time as possible outside. Whether you enjoy sipping a morning cup of Joe on the front porch or firing up the grill for dinner with friends in the backyard, furnishing our outside spaces with appropriate patio chairs is an absolute must.

The market for outdoor chairs is vast. They come in numerous styles and sizes and can be made from an array of materials. With so much selection, choosing the perfect patio seating can get overwhelming. No need to fret, though. With some patience and product knowledge, you can find the best furniture for your outdoor space.


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Plastic backyard furniture is common mainly because it is affordable, durable and easy to maintain and store. New homeowners or those with a tighter budget should consider plastic chairs in your backyard space. A slight lack of comfort can be compensated for with some cushions but you will have a constant battle with eliminating scuffs or discolorations, especially with white coloured models. Although practical and relatively inexpensive, plastic is not the most attractive option. So, if style is a major factor, you may want to consider other options.

All-weather wicker resembles natural wicker but its plastic resin makeup makes it easier to clean, more weather-resistant and still reasonably priced, though it is more expensive than plastic. Before purchasing all-weather wicker pieces, ensure that the frames are constructed of rust-resistant materials.

Not sold on all-weather wicker? Hold up, there’s more to choose from. Wooden patio furniture is an excellent patio chair option but again, be sure to choose wisely. Chairs made of teak, cedar or eucalyptus woods are the best bets as pine and oak finishes, although stunning, deteriorate quickly when exposed to outdoor conditions.

Teak is a rainforest wood and is the most expensive but arguably best material for outdoor furniture. It can last up to a century but the material does weather from brown to a silver-gray. Applying protector once or twice a year helps prevent discoloration.
Eucalyptus patio chairs are much less expensive than teak chairs and can last nearly as long. Outdoor eucalyptus furniture should be treated with an appropriate sealant annually.




Cedar is also a good choice but you will definitely need to apply a coating of protective oil every year. If wooden outdoor furniture exceeds your allotted budget or simply doesn’t suit your fancy, wrought iron patio chairs is another popular option. Wrought iron is a highly durable and malleable metal and its heft is best suited for outdoor furniture that won’t be moved around very much. Wrought iron chairs will need to be stored indoors during winter months to prevent rust and experts also suggest purchasing touch-up paint to use at the beginning and end of patio season in order to keep rust at bay.

Patio lounge chairs let you lounge around and relax outdoors.  In fact, outdoor patio chairs are meant to weather the elements which is why they're often made of metal, plastic, wrought iron, resin, wicker, aluminum, woods such as teak, vinyl and much more.  Styles include swivel patio chairs, rocking models, chaise chairs, stackable and reclining models, tall and bar height retro models and many more!

With so many options to choose from, there’s no doubt that the perfect patio chair for your outdoor space is out there. Whichever material you choose, be sure to purchase chairs with sturdy joints made of antirust or antirust treated materials and refrain from buying furniture that is stapled or glue. Consider the effects that sun, wind and water exposure will have on your chairs to ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck. Adding an umbrella or awning to your outdoor space could also be used to make the best seat in the house, outside.