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Garden furniture trends
These are the hot new trends in garden furniture and outdoor patio sets. We have taken a look at all of the trends and these three are going to be the ones to be on the lookout for.


With everyone trying to do their best to “Go Green” conservationism in regards to patio furniture sets is going to be huge. You can get many patio chairs and tables made from recycled or reclaimed items like plastics and woods. Another way to go – and probably the ultimate way to go green – is to get yourself a tree chair. This is a living tree that has been shaped to provide you with a place to sit. They are very cool and are a great talking piece. 

Modern patio furniture is all about functionality and style in the same package. Many of these types of sets are really just outdoor wicker patio furniture that has been shaped to be more square than round. Cubism may be a good term for these wicker chairs. And although they are square for the most part, many of these patio dining sets have rounded edges to them that accentuate their modern quality. Another cue that the patio table set you are looking at is modern in appearance is the fact that it is very minimalist. Minimalism and modernism seem to go hand in hand.

There are so many different types of garden decore including outdoor garden furniture, garden chairs, teak garden furniture and rattan garden furniture.

This is a made up term that I have coined because stackable patio chairs are going to take people by surprise. Many people haven’t even seen stackable outdoor furniture like this before and it is quite impressive to see in person. Stackable furniture is so versatile because you can simply pack everything up into one cylinder or ball when the party is over. And all of it can then be stored away in a corner or out of the wind and weather should it turn nasty. This trendy outdoor wicker furniture is space-saving, easy to clean and will be a big hit with all of your party goers.

      Garden Furniture can be incorporated into 'Going Green'. If you drive a hybrid, recycle and don't use aerosols, this might be the one for you.

   Modern looking garden furniture comes in all shapes and sizes and doesn't have to be for rich only.

   Stackism is probably the fastest growing trend in garden furniture because people like the option of putting it away when they are finished. Or they just like saying Stackism.